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What Is Sheconomy
SHEconomy®: Empowering Visionaries for a Thriving Tomorrow. Catalyzing Systemic Transformation. SHEconomy® is a purpose-fueled powerhouse committed to propelling substantial change by leading the charge for gender diversity, inclusion, and social sustainability.
Our foundational beliefs are anchored in cultivating profound connections with global partners, clients, and collaborators. Our directive is unambiguous: to erect open, transparent platforms that transcend the boundaries of conventional knowledge sharing and ignite substantial change.

Partner with us to cultivate links among dedicated change-makers who are actively molding the future.
Our vision is to lead the charge in championing CDR™ and propelling social sustainability.

We aspire to pave the path toward an inclusive mindset, breaking gender barriers, and fostering dynamic enterprises that thrive on innovation, inclusion, and corporate responsibility.
Our mission is to reshape the future with unparalleled

We actively bring together robust environments for cross-sector research collaboration, cultivating knowledge and networks for genuine and impactful change. At SHEconomy®, we envision a world where innovation, inclusion, and responsibility redefine the global landscape, setting the gold standard for social sustainability and DEIB-focused CDR™.
What is CDR?
Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™) is the cornerstone of Sheconomy's® philosophy. It emphasises the power of smarter employee utilisation and a wide range of talents in building sustainable and robust organisations.
At SHEconomy®, Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™) isn't just a concept; it's the core of our philosophy. We're dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of optimizing employee capabilities and embracing diverse talents as the foundation of social sustainability. This approach fosters the creation of resilient and enduring organizations.

Introduced by Benja Stig Fagerland in 2013/2014 and further documented in the SHEconomy book (2015) and subsequent research papers (2018 and 2019), CDR™ marks a paradigm shift in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It propels CSR beyond philanthropy into the realm of indispensable sustainability for modern business models.

CDR™, also referred to as Social Sustainability (SHEconomy, Fagbokforlaget, 2015), champions an inclusive approach to human resources and talent utilization. This approach leads to the establishment of sustainable, robust organizations. The evolution has transcended CSR's philanthropic roots, instigating the development of the 'triple bottom line' concept. With the ascent of social sustainability, businesses are awakening to the need to measure success not only in financial terms but also in their profound impact on people and the planet (Fagerland, 2014/2015).

Model (Fagerland, 2015)

CDR - Corporate Diversity Responsibility.

“A SHEconomy Management 3.0 benefit model and framework for gender diversity management for greater innovation, social responsibility and solid financial performance.” (2019)

Corporate Diversity Responsibility
(CDR) standard
The taxonomy of ESG indicators that drives CDR.
The CDR standard accelerates global companies' path to social sustainability. SHEconomy strives to lead by implementing highly effective policies that enhance social sustainability, promote DEIB and foster Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR).
Ignite Change with SHEconomy® CDR Standard!

Collaborate with Global Partners to Pioneer a Research-Based Global Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™) Standard! Immerse yourself in the forefront of a global transformation as we collectively shape a groundbreaking standard for Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™).

At SHEconomy®, we don't just develop; alongside our global partners, we actively craft a research- based global benchmark! Partner with us on this extraordinary journey toward a future where impact seamlessly intersects with responsibility, emphasizing Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™), DEIB, and social sustainability.

Envision a landscape of responsible business practices where we collectively set a new standard for corporate excellence. SHEconomy's Research-Based Global Standard is not merely a framework; it's a living commitment to fostering DEIB, driving CDR and social responsibility, and leaving a lasting imprint on the world.

Join forces with us in this revolutionary initiative, uniting leaders, visionaries and trailblazers. Together, we'll propel corporate diversity responsibility (CDR), elevate social sustainability, and make an enduring impact across industries and generations. Embrace change, empower diversity, and become a driving force in the evolution of corporate responsibility alongside our global partners. SHEconomy's Research-Based Global Standard is the catalyst for a more sustainable and inclusive future – where impact and responsibility converge.

Shaping Tomorrow's Standards
Partner with SHEconomy® in Defining the Future of CDR™ and Social Sustainability Excellence!
At SHEconomy®, we're not merely developing a global standard for CDR™ and Social Sustainability; we're shaping the future with research-driven excellence, and we invite global partners to join us in this transformative journey.
Unlocking the Significance of the "S"
in ESG
In the world of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), understanding the significance of the 'S' and SHEconomy's CDR™ (Corporate Diversity Responsibility) is paramount. It plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and responsible future.

In the mission of SHEconomy®, it's not just about theory; it's about powerful, action-driven steps:
  • Inclusive.
SHEconomy® is a global hub where social sustainability-aware leaders unite, fostering a resilient community committed to change the system, driving positive change on a global scale. This is more than rhetoric; it's a force of action.

  • Resilient Communities of Change-Makers.
SHEconomy® is a global hub where social sustainability-aware leaders unite, fostering a resilient community committed to change the system, driving positive change on a global scale. This is more than rhetoric; it's a force of action.

  • Diagnosing Systemic Barriers.
We dive deep into the heart of organizational hurdles, tearing down gender stereotypes and dispelling unconscious biases. The result? Building cultures that resonate with social sustainability, resilience, and diversity.

  • Catalytic Summits.
SHEconomy® doesn't just host summits; we ignite them. These aren't just gatherings; they are catalysts for real knowledge and actionable change. The focus is not merely on what's said but on what's done.

  • Enabling Global Doers.
SHEconomy® serves as the enabler, connecting the world's passionate change-makers and fortifying their endeavors. It's about creating social sustainability and corporate sustainable diversity on both individual and organizational levels.
A key role of "S"
(Social/ Sustainability/SHEconomy)
in organization's future proofing?
CDR™ and the 'S' in ESG are vital elements that not only safeguard a company's reputation but also foster a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable business environment. They are the driving forces for progress in today's corporate landscape.
  • 1
    Reputation and Trust

    Prioritizing the "S" in ESG and implementing CDR™ initiatives builds and sustains trust with customers, investors, and the public. Trust is a critical asset in today's business world.
  • 2
    Talent Attraction and Retention
    Organizations that embrace social sustainability are more attractive to top talent, particularly the younger workforce who seek purpose-driven employers. This can help in attracting and retaining the best professionals.
  • 3
    Innovation and Resilience
    A diverse and inclusive environment fuels innovation, enabling companies to adapt more readily to market changes and challenges, making them more resilient.
  • 4
    Market Competitiveness
    Companies that effectively integrate social sustainability have a competitive edge. They are better equipped to address the evolving needs and expectations of diverse customer bases.
  • 5
    Risk Mitigation
    By actively addressing social and sustainability issues, organizations reduce potential risks related to reputation damage, regulatory issues, and market fluctuations.
  • 6
    Long-Term Financial Performance
    Research shows that companies with strong ESG performance, including robust social practices, outperform their peers in the long run. It results in stronger financial performance.
  • 7
    Alignment with Global Goals
    Social sustainability initiatives are often aligned with international sustainability goals such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aligning with these goals positions organizations as responsible global citizens.
  • 8
    Regulatory Compliance
    Many countries and regions are enacting ESG-related regulations. Adhering to social and sustainability standards ensures organizations remain compliant with evolving laws.
  • 9
    Social Impact
    Prioritizing social sustainability means contributing positively to societal needs, addressing issues like inequality, poverty, education, and healthcare.
  • 10
    Strengthened Stakeholder Relationships
    A strong commitment to the "S" in ESG enhances relationships with various stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities.
  • 11
    Social and sustainability efforts enable organizations to be better prepared for future challenges and changes in the business landscape.
How SHEconomy® works
In the mission of SHEconomy®, it's not just about theory; it's about powerful,
action-driven steps
SHEconomy diagnoses organizational hurdles, gender stereotypes, and unconscious biases in order to build social sustainability and sustainable diverse cultures.

SHEconomy creates open and transparent arenas and summits that drive knowledge, and real change and connect the world’s doers. Our aim is to facilitate, enable, and strengthen their work and thereby create social sustainability, what we define as corporate sustainable diversity, CDR (Fagerland, 2015), on individual and organizational levels.

In the realm of SHEconomy®, research is the foundation, and best practices are the building blocks.
Our History
Founded in 2005 by Benja Stig Fagerland.
In 2005, SHEconomy® wasn't just born; it erupted from a passionate commitment to rewrite the rules and make a real impact. It's not just an idea; it's a business revolution.
Our evolution is a testament to our unwavering resolve to drive change, from mere philanthropy to becoming the embodiment of sound business practices. We champion the 'triple bottom line' approach, embracing not only profits but also the well-being of people and the health of the planet. It's not just about financial success; it's about fostering social sustainability and advancing our Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR™) mission.

We're not content with the status quo; we're here to challenge stereotypes, smash boundaries, and be the driving force behind the transformation of corporate cultures. We're not just creating ripples; we're forging a path toward an impact that endures.

It's not about changing women; it's about changing the system.

Founded in 2005 by Benja Stig Fagerland.
Launch of the first SHEconomy book
(Fagbokforlaget, 2005).
SHEconomy Summit started yearly in 2018
After a week since launching the first summit, a waiting list had to be created.
SHEconomy Summits became a global phenomenon and launched in Asia, Seoul Korea in 2023 at the Nordic Council of Ministers event in mars, 2023.
Womenomics changed to SHEconomy.
In the early 2000s, the SHEconomy® idea was introduced in Europe and in the Nordic by Fagerland (, 2005; Eliassen, 2003).
  • Women in leadership means business (“More women in leadership, strengthens the bottom line”, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) is Norway's largest organisation for employers and the leading business lobbyist. Female Future rapport, 2003).
  • Female leaders boost the bottom line (NHO Female Future rapport, 2003).
  • Stop fixing women, fix the system.
Benja Stig Fagerland developed a Female Future program to increase top management positions at companies in Norway, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) is Norway's largest organization for employers and the leading business lobbyist.

(Matsui et al.,1999).


Global media and news featured the SHEconomy® Founder
Seen on.
BBC, Good Morning Australia. BBC World, DR NEWS & DR Evening Show, TV2 NEWS, TV2 Good Morning Norway, TV2 Evening Show, NRK NEWS, Icelandic Broadcasting, Austrian Broadcasting and ABC NEWS. Featured in: THE NEW YORK TIMES, The Financial Times Magazine, Der Spiegel, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Herald Tribune, The Independent, The Guardian, Canadian Business magazine, El País & ILO, UN, The Korea Times etc.

Featured in.
THE NEW YORK TIMES, The Financial Times Magazine, Der Spiegel, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Herald Tribune, The Independent, The Guardian, Canadian Business magazine, El País & ILO, UN, The Korea Times etc.
The SHEconomy® Founder, Fagerland initiated and launched the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) Female Future program, advancing female leadership and board participation.
The Program is ranked by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as one of the world’s 10 best programmes for advancing female leadership and board participation. (write in large captions)

The Female Future Program’s objective is to increase female participation in decision-making processes. It was developed in 2003 in response to the Norwegian government’s policy requiring the boards of public limited companies to have at least 40% representation of both genders.

The SHEconomy Founder Fagerland, then Gender Equality Manager at the NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry) developed a Female Future program to raise the percentage of qualified women as board members (to a quota of 40%) and to increase top management positions at companies in Norway (, 2005; Drake, 2003;, 2012; Roberts, 2008). The ideas were inspired in part from womenomics in Japan (Matsui et al.,1999). In 2008, the ideas were adopted by Spain and were being considered in Germany, and in 2011 France, Italy, the U.K. and other countries were considering quotas to require more female board members (Fagerland, 2008; Pagano, 2012).

In 2012, Fagerland also brought these ideas to Australia for The 100 Percent initiative (Weischer, 2012) and to the United Nations to promote women in the organisation’s leading bodies (, 2005, 2012).
Ilo | The Guardian | Elle | The Guardian
"However, the principles in NHO's Female Future programme, developed by Benja Stig Fagerland, are so good that, in my opinion, they should be able to stand alone. Experts I have met in diversity and equality issues bow in the dust for that concept - especially because it cuts through and focuses on competences rather than on equality.” states Special Adviser to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and was formerly a senior adviser to the Council of the Baltic Sea States".

Gry Tina Tind, Stockholm

The SHEconomy® platform was launched
ThinkTank, knowledge, articles, research, events, debates, network, lectures and keynotes in Europe, the US and Australia

Seen on.
BBC, Good Morning Australia. BBC World, DR NEWS & DR Evening Show, TV2 NEWS, TV2 Good Morning Norway, TV2 Evening Show, NRK NEWS, Icelandic Broadcasting, Austrian Broadcasting and ABC NEWS.

Featured in.
THE NEW YORK TIMES, The Financial Times Magazine, Der Spiegel, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Herald Tribune, The Independent, The Guardian, BBC World, Canadian Business magazine, El País, Huffington Post, The Financial Times Magazine, ILO, UN, Le Figaro, The Korea Times etc.
Keynote speaker around Europe, incl. UK, Iceland and The Faroe Islands.
  • International Keynote Speaker in UK and Iceland
  • SHEconomy® Speaker tour in Australia. Sponsored by NAB. Melbourne and Sydney. ABC News
  • Management Today: Diversity - still unwelcome in the corridors of power.

  • Huffington Post: How the 'SHEconomy' Will Reshape the Private Sector.

  • Australia: 100% Project - Advisor, teacher, and professional facilitator at roundtables, in diversity management, leadership and board: Melbourne and Sydney and advisor Incl. Div. TV, radio and newspaper Interviews in ABC News and The Australian Financial Review. Assisted as an advisor in management and partner meetings in the establishment of strategy platform, measures, and initiatives to promote diversity management on the boards among the largest companies in Australia. Contributed further with a professional article in diversity management in 100% of the project's year magazine.
  • Chamber of Commerce, Iceland - Introducer, Keynote Speaker and Advisor, in Diversity Management, SHEconomy and management - in the work to mobilize a broad-based form of cooperation to promote diversity in government and management in Iceland.
  • Keynote speaker Strasbourg and Latvia, Riga Business Conferences.
  • Strasbourg – SHEconomy Keynote.
The first Nordic SHEconomy® book was written.

Keynote speaker The Faroe Islands: The Trade Association Torshavn
The goal: Establish measures and action to promote diversity management in boards and organizations in the Faroe Islands. Establishment of possible political instruments and effects.
The first book was published about SHEconomy® in Norway (Fagerland and Bryn Rambøl, 2015).
In addition, there was a reflection on the past ten years of the SHEconomy with an updated perspective (Drejer and Fagerland, 2018, EJM) (Vaccaro, Fagerland, Y. Cohn, 2019). The concept of SHEconomy was introduced to the public some ten years ago as a phenomenon developed initially by and in the Nordic Countries.
  • University of Agder: UiA Agder - Discussion partner and teacher, in diversity management, SHEconomy and management.
SHEconomy was used as teaching materials in several business schools, including subsequent video interview with politicians and business leaders. Norwegian School of Business, Trondheim.
  • SHEconomy® book contribution and chapter: SHEconomy® Marketing to women: Don´t pink it, shrink it and dumb it down. The Association of Norwegian Editors.
  • Keynote speaker at several business conferences, incl.
- Mjøskonferansen - Diversity management, where my researched presented in the book
- The Armed Forces
  • SHEconomy® Roundtable, hosted by SHEconomy partner Microsoft.

  • SHEconomy® Research articles in collaboration with Professor Drejer, Aaborg University.

  • THE SHECONOMY® MOVEMENT TEN YEARS AFTER. REVIEW AND REFLECTION (Drejer and Fagerland, 2018, EJM). A reflection on the past ten years of the SHEconomy with an updated perspective (Drejer and Fagerland, 2018, EJM) (Vaccaro, Fagerland, Y. Cohn, 2019).

  • SHEconomy® Research articles published in collaboration with Professor Drejer, Aaborg University: INTRODUCING THE CORPORATE DIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY™ (CDR™) CONCEPT (Drejer and Fagerland, 2018, EJM).

  • SHEconomy® research article published.
AWARD and presentation at the New York Institute of Technology in NYC: INTRODUCING THE CORPORATE DIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY™ (CDR™) CONCEPT (Drejer and Fagerland, 2018, EJM)

  • Keynote speaker at several European business conferences, incl.:
- Chamber of Commerce, Warszawa, Poland
- Chamber of Commerce Reykjavik, Iceland
  • SHEconomy® research article published in collaboration with Deborah Y. Cohn Ph.D., MBA, MPhil, BA. Interim Dean at New York Institute of Technology and Valerie Vaccaro, Associate Professor of Marketing at Kean University: A SHECONOMY® MANAGEMENT 3.0 BENEFIT MODEL & FRAMEWORK OF GENDER DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP FOR GREATER INNOVATION, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND FIRM FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE.
  • SHEconomy® Research article, Ipsos (shared globally by IPSOS Global):
  • SHEconomy®. Women: The Emerging Market, understanding Society.

  • Roundtables:
- SHEconomy® Roundtable, hosted by SHEconomy partner Storebrand
- SHEconomy® Roundtable and event, hosted by SHEconomy partner META Europe (former Facebook).
- SHEconomy® event, hosted by SHEconomy partner IPSOS.
- SHEconomy® Roundtable and event, hosted by SHEconomy partner Accenture

  • Economic Forums and Summits:
- SHEconomy® Forum & Summit, Silicon Valley.
- SHEconomy® Summit, NYC.

  • Guest Lectures and STANFORD panel
- SHEconomy Guest Lecture/panel discussion invitation Stanford Business School
- SHEconomy Guest Lecture, The University of San Francisco (USF)

  • Summits
- SHEconomy® Summit, Digital Transformation.
- SHEconomy® Election, Washington DC - Politics, Digital
Keynote Speakers Washington DC - Politics, Digital Experts and influential voices on Capitol Hill, diplomats and independent American and Nordic media representatives in Washington DC.
- Moore central in the election campaigns of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and for eight years was one of President Clinton's closest advisers in the White House. Named one of Washington's most influential "Women in Tech” and a part of the Democrats' inner circle and the party's moderate wing for three decades.
- Stone and her ex-husband Roger Stone were among Donald Trump's earliest and most ardent supporters in the race to become president. The ex-husband and wife have been eager since the eighties for Trump to head for the White House, and despite scandals are still among Trump's most trusted advisers. In addition, she is one of the founders of the National Women's History Museum and has been active in a number of issues with a particular focus on the position of women.
  • SHEconomy® Roundtables and digital summits and events
  • SHEconomy® WeStart Incubator in partnership with Google, Digital Norway and Oda.
  • MAGMA: Fagerland, Benja Stig (Issue 5, 2021): Næringskraft: Everyone talks about sustainability. But what does that mean? And how deep does it go in Norwegian business?
  • Launch Sustainable Leadership – including the model on social sustainability and Corporate Diversity Responsibility (CDR), (SHEconomy, 2015).
  • SHEconomy® KeyNote research presentation The Nordic Council of Ministers and Norways Ambassador, Seoul Korea 2023
  • SHEconomy®Economic Forum in Silicon Valley.
  • SHEconomy® Opening Keynote research presentation UN WOMEN, Seoul Korea
  • Seoul Korea: UN WOMEN Expert Roundtable, Seoul Korea
  • SHEconomy® Roundtable.
  • SHEconomy® Summit in Silicon Valley.
  • Research Workshop at Stanford
  • Launch of the Innovation Project: Social Sustainability / CDR Standard
  • ESG Board Event
  • Research projects: Social sustainability, CDR, SDR, DEIB and AI.
  • 20 Years anniversary celebration (2005-2025)
  • SHEconomy® Roundtable.
  • SHEconomy® Economic Forum in Silicon Valley.
  • SHEconomy® Summit, Washington DC.
  • SHEconomy Arctic Global Summit.
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Support the world’s most powerful events around sustainable diversity. We've been moving the agenda since 2005. We gather leaders that are actively designing a better future for us all.

Dedicated to unlocking new thinking and translating ideas into impact, the SHEconomy Summit brings together barrier-breaking leaders across industries and generations who are leading through the lens of opportunity and rising to the occasion to define our next chapter of progress and beyond.